Review of Look Down in Now Magazine

Susan G. Cole calls the book a “mixed bag” but does have lots of good things to say about the book.

“But when Niedzviecki applies his astute observational powers to themes he understands through and through, he’s superb. In the very sharp Undead, about a man obsessed with videotaped funerals, he taps the web consciousness he displayed in The Peep Diaries. In the comic Sometime Next Sunrise, a couple go on holiday in Florida with the guy’s parents. And the last story, in which students take an assignment in their sociology course on terrorism a little too far, suggests Niedzviecki has a terrific future as a ferocious satirist. Displacement, about an internment camp survivor and cream cheese mogul who loses his sense of self when he starts developing flavours to appeal to the non-Jewish market (chocolate cream cheese, anyone?) is the best of the bunch.” –  Now Magazine review of Look Down, This is Where It Must Have Happened.